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Florida Panhandle Nurse Practitioner Coalition

Leaque of Women Voters Gets Active on NP Issues

Posted almost 9 years ago by Stanley F Whittaker

Would you like to see health care expanded in Florida, in a way that can also reduce healthcare costs? Take one minute and help this happen...

Please call, write, or e-mail your Florida legislative delegation members and ask them to pass HB 677 and SB 188. These bills will enable Florida's Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) to write prescriptions for controlled substances for patients in their care. Florida is one of two states that does not permit ARNP's to prescribe medication. This is an easy cost effective proven way to expand healthcare! Nurse Practitioners from across the state are in Tallahassee today so timing is KEY...Act TODAY or TOMORROW!!! Let them know you support this simple action to bring Florida into the 21st century!


Some Talking Points
  • In Florida and nationally, there is a shortage of primary care physicians. ARNPs provide primary care and acute care in many settings; especially in underserved areas.

  • Because ARNPs are prevented from prescribing controlled substances at their workplace, patients and families suffer delays and additional costs when referred to physician providers off site.

  • Allowing ARNPs full prescription authority will reduce emergency room visits and increase access to care without adding any cost to the state budget.

  • Alabama and Florida are the only states that limit the ARNPs' prescribing authority in this way.

  • Two separate studies conducted by the Florida legislature recommend that ARNPs be authorized to prescribe controlled substances to increase access to health care.


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Senate and House Health Regulation Committee