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new laws in Florida. Please note changes to your practice

Posted almost 5 years ago by Stanley F Whittaker

Dear AANP Member,

As you know, many bills important to NP practice were passed this session. Now, some of these bills are beginning to go into effect. Here's an overview of some of the information you need to know to take advantage of and follow some of the new laws:

HB 1241 Ordering of Medications
If your protocol states you may order controlled substances in hospitals, nursing homes, and facilities licensed under Chapter 395 or Chapter 400, Part II, you may begin doing so on July 1st. Remember: ordering is different than writing the prescription. See the Board of Nursing for added details.
HB 977 Psychiatric NP Prescribing
Provides that NPs who are "psychiatric nurses as defined in s. 394.455" who have a protocol with a psychiatrist may prescribe psychotropic controlled substances for the treatment of mental disorders. Additional information on how you can begin doing this if you meet the requirements may be found here from the Department of Health.
HB 1175 Transparency in Health Care
Click here to read more from the Agency for Health Care Administration on how this bill will affect facilities and providers when it becomes law on July 1st.
HB 423 Controlled Substance Prescribing
This bill needs no introduction! Please note that the Controlled Substances Formulary Committee members have been appointed and will be recommending the formulary to the Board of Nursing that they must then adopt by rule. See more information here from the Board of Nursing. AANP will bring you added details as the rules process moves forward.

From last year, you may remember the passage of a bill related to HIV testing informed consent. This is now law as part of F.S. 381.004, and authorizes HIV testing to be a routine part of care, with consent for this being included in the general consent form, with the patient being notified orally or in writing that the test will be conducted and that they may opt out. For community-based organizations and others outside of health care conducting the testing, written consent is still required.

Please also note that the Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA)'s recently upgraded their licensing and renewal system, which you can learn more about here.

Looking forward to seeing many of you next week at the AANP National Conference. Please be sure to lend your voice and improve care of our veterans by visiting the AANP Advocacy Center and sending your support for the VA's proposal to remove physician supervision of NPs in the VA system.

Best Regards,

Susan Lynch
AANP State Representative, Florida