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AANP President Dee Swanson to appear on Fox News

Posted over 8 years ago by Stanley F Whittaker

AANP President Dee Swanson is scheduled to appear on Fox & Friends tomorrow, Thursday, April 22 at 8:20 a.m. ET. She will be interviewed by Gretchen Carlson. As you probably know, there has been much media attention recently focused on the role of the nurse practitioner. Dee will discuss the NP role and the excellent primary or specialty care provided by NPs. We hope that this interview will help set the record straight on the scope and standards of NP-delivered healthcare, whether in ambulatory, acute or long-term care settings. The video clip from the broadcast, http://video.foxnews.com/v/4161870/the-nurse-will-see-you-now.


Abby Strickland over 8 years ago

I heard the interview this morning. I really do not feel that she was extremely effective in explaining the scope of our skills. Gretchen asked if " the Nurse" could handle runny nose stuff and did that mean that physicians would handle more serious illnesses like "strep throat"? Dee's answer was not very definitive in clarifying our qualifications. I was disappointed with the interview.

Rita Pruette over 8 years ago

I agree, Abby, it was a bit painful to watch. Dee was not affective in getting our message across.

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